To complete the registration of your company you must follow some steps, the initial step being the pre-registration on the Portal. To facilitate filling in the data, observe the guidelines below:

  • Operating or Trading license (Certificate of incorporation accepted);
  • Commercial registration certificate;
  • Articles or Memorandum of association;
  • Declaration of beginning of activity (if in activity for less than 3 months);
  • Letter with banking details;
  • Number of employee.
  • Fill in the registration information requested on the Portal; Attach mandatory documents and select the supply category;
  • After performing the step above, the legal representative will receive the login and provisional password necessary to continue the pre-registration, which will consist of:
  • Attach the additional documents requested on the Portal;

The information filled in the Portal will be available to the purchasing team, responsible for conducting the processes for the acquisition of goods and services. In case of interest and need, a request for registration evaluation of your company will be made.


  • Analysis of all company documents and information made available during the pre-registration phase;
  • Acceptance and electronic signature of the "General Terms and Conditions", available on the Portal;
  • Evaluation is performed by the purchasing team;
  • In case of doubts about the supplier's evaluation, contact the SCM using the email

If your company meets the requirements needed in the process, your registration will be completed. Vodacom has internal hiring criteria and reserves the right not to pass them on to third parties.